YMR Update

Been a while since I have updated this post, and I have been urged by a few of you to get it done, so here it is.

  1. In typical online fashion GoDaddy has successfully messed up our site time and time again by either moving the site from server to server, randomly changing database passwords and whatever other action those peeps do late at night sitting behind a desk when they are bored.  Let me assure you when this happens we are quick to get online and on the phone to rectify the situation as fast as we can – just bear with us a bit.
  2. A few YMR event have happened already and been a huge success.  We owe an immense amount of gratitude to those coordinators that spend countless hours planning these events to ensure a wonderful time is had by all in attendance.
  3. We are constantly doing updates to items, registrations, patrolling the forums and Facebook to keep our site safe, secure and most of all FAMILY FRIENDLY for all to enjoy.
  4. This organization is what you make of it, so suggestion are always welcome.  While we are bound by certain aspects of the registry, keep in mind that not all requests can be put in place but we certainly appreciate your input.